The Ultimate Guide to Taking A Screenshot on Windows (F12 and more!)

How do you take a screenshot?

One of the most asked questions I get are related to screenshots.

“How do I take a screenshot?”
“Where do the screenshots get saved?”

Today we’ll make it simple and easy so you can get back up and running!

There are a few ways to take screenshots so let’s take a look at a few of them!

Press the 'print screen' key on your keyboard

Print screen  or sometimes labelled as PrtScn is the key that will take a screenshot of your entire screen. If you have more than one monitor it will also capture that as well.

Every keyboard lists the print screen key a little differently, so here are a few examples of those differences:

print screen keyboard

The function or 'fn' key

Note that some keyboards may make you hold a function or ‘fn’ key before you can screenshot. This is very common on laptop keyboards.

But Wait! My computer doesn't have a 'print screen' key!

That’s okay! If you keyboard has an ‘F12’ key you can also print screen with that!

Taking a screenshot with the F12 key

Some keyboards, especially more sleek or compact keyboards have removed the print screen key altogether. In this case, we can use the F12 key to take a screenshot! It functions it exactly the same.

But wait! I don't have an F12 key or a Print Screen key!

it’s true. Highly compact keyboard models may not have a set of function keys or a print screen key. But don’t worry! In that case you can look in your start menu for either the ‘snippet tool’ or the new ‘snip & sketch’ tool.

Great! Now you've got your screenshot, but huh? Where did it go?

Don’t fret! Screenshots are saved to your clipboard.

Clipboard: a location in your computer’s memory that saves whatever you recently stored (via cut or copy). You can then paste the contents of this clipboard where you would like!

You can paste your screenshot to a lot of different programs:

-Microsoft Paint
-Microsoft Word
-Microsoft Outlook
-Most email programs

But can't I just have the screenshot save automatically?

You sure can!

Hold down the windows key or the and the print screen key at the same time. It will automatically save your screenshot to the Pictures>Screenshots folder! 

Simple right?

But I don't want to take a screenshot of everything!

You don’t have to! In order to take a screenshot of a specific area, you can press the following all at the same time:


And voila! This will allow you to drag a rectangle around whatever you want to screenshot!

Okay but how do I paste my new screenshot?

When something is in your clipboard, you can paste it by pushing      and    at the same time!

That's it! You are now a screenshotting Wizard!

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