How to Save a Webpage as a PDF

How to Save a Webpage as a PDF

Saving a webpage is extremely useful for when you want to save something that doesn’t have a built in PDF function. In this tutorial we’ll cover the most basic way to save ANY webpage as a PDF.

Using Microsoft Print to PDF

Hands down the easiest way to save ANYTHING as a PDF, especially a webpage is using the default Microsoft Print to PDF. This will appear in your printers menu when you go to print a document.

If you have Microsoft Print to PDF, then it will show up in your printer menu like below.

print dialog

Enabling and Disabling Microsoft Print to PDF

Microsoft Print to PDF is default on Windows 10 now, if you do not have it, or maybe you think it might be turned off, you can turn it back on with the below instructions.

Open Windows Features

You can open the Windows Features settings in Windows by going to the start menu and typing ‘Windows Features’, it should pop up. If it doesn’t, you can also find it in the control panel.

windows features search

Check the box next to Microsoft Print to PDF

Check the box next to Microsoft Print to PDF and then it should show up in your list of printers. If you still don’t see it then your computer does not have it. 

windows features

Using Google Chrome Print Dialog

Almost just as easy as Microsoft Print to PDF is printing to PDF using the Google Chrome print dialog. We’ve all seen this dialog before, it shows up when you try to print something using Google Chrome.

Go ahead and try printing using Google Chrome.

You will see the below window and you can select your printer from the drop down menu. The best part about the dialog is that you can choose ‘Save to PDF’. Which makes it extremely simple! Click save at the bottom and you’re done!

Google Chrome Print Dialog

More information

I hope this guide helped you save a page as a PDF! It is very easy to do once you know how.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns. I will be writing future articles about more print dialog tips and tricks and I will make sure to update this article!