How to set up a guest account for Microsoft SharePoint without using an Office 365 License

How to set up a 'guest' account for Microsoft Sharepoint without using an Office 365 License

Why would I need this?

Lets say you are having an audit and you would like to store all of the files on a SharePoint. Granting access to the auditors with an account that only works for that SharePoint is a great way to give them access to the files they want and nothing more.

Or if your organization works with another that does not use Office 365, then you can make them an account to access the SharePoint without purchasing another license.

A quick note before you get started

This is not the same as a guest account that is available in Office 365.

Those Guest accounts do not work for sharing access to a SharePoint.

In this method we will create a new user without a license and then give them access to the SharePoint.

Also Some things are blurred in the fields for anonymity, so if it doesn’t look exactly like yours that’s okay! Just follow the prompts!



What you'll need:

1. Access to Office 365 Admin Console
2. A SharePoint you’d like to share with that guest account

Go to and login to your admin portal

Go to Users>Active Users

Click 'Add a user' and fill out the fields with guest information

Click the very last option 'create user without product license'


Then click 'next' and then next on the next screen as well

Review and then click 'finish adding'

Navigate back to your admin portal and click groups and then groups again

Then click on the group you want to give access to and click the 'Members' tab

Scroll down and click on 'view all and manage members'

Then click '+ Add members' and search for your new guest account

Check the box next to the the name and click 'Save'

And that's it!

Send them the link to the SharePoint and their username and password and they will be able to log in, even without an Office 365 License!