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Add a Picture or a Video to Facebook Messenger

Add a Picture or Video to Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a plethora of capabilities! You can even send images and video to each other!

Add a picture of video

Adding images to a Facebook Messenger Conversation

You can add images from your device in Facebook messenger without the use of any third-party apps. Facebook makes it very simple to do.

Steps to add an image or video with Facebook Messenger

1. Navigate to the Facebook Messenger window

2. Click the image button

3. This will open a file explorer window for you to choose a file to upload.

*Note that you can only use image and video files.

4. Click ‘open’ to queue the image to be sent

5. Click send if you are ready to send it or add another image or video or add a comment

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Hopefully this helped you add an image or video to your Facebook conversations!

If you are wondering how to use the Facebook Clipboard function check out our step-by-step guide!


Where is the Facebook Clipboard?

The Ultimate guide to Facebook Clipboard

If you are trying to find where you recently saved a Facebook item, you can easily find it by going to your 'My Collection' screen.

You can get to this in several ways.

Facebook Collections

The easiest way is by going to this link:

How to get to your Facebook clipboard / collection from Home

Remembering shouldn’t be too difficult, but follow these next steps to find it from the home screen.

Navigate to the 'Explore' menu on the left of you home screen

The menu on the left of the Facebook home screen is home to a lot of helpful tools. Under shortcuts we can find the ‘Explore’ menu.

facebook clipboard saved collection menu

Under the 'Explore' menu you'll find 'Saved'

Clicking on the save menu will bring up the Facebook My Collections screen.

Anything that you have saved on Facebook will show up here, where you can organize it in to different collections.

facebook save collections

How to save to Facebook Clipboard

Saving to the Facebook Clipboard is extremely easy.

Find a piece of content that you like on Facebook and then click the ‘ellipses’ or the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the content.

facebook context menu

Click on 'Save post' to add it to your collections

You will receive a confirmation above the post telling you that the content was saved to your saved items and that you can add it to a collection. Navigate to your Facebook Saved section to organize content into your collections.

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Hopefully this helped you navigate to this under-appreciated feature of Facebook!

If you were wondering about saving items to your computer clipboard to paste to and from Facebook, check out our How to copy Text to a clipboard  step-by-step guide!


How to copy text to a clipboard

copy text clipboard

How to copy text to clipboard

Copying text and content and pasting it to another place on your computer is one of the most basic ways to transfer data around your PC. In this short guide, I’ll tell you what a ‘clipboard’ is, how to copy data, cut data and how to paste it.

What is a computer clipboard?

Just like a real life clipboard, you can attach documents to a clipboard and then take it somewhere else. 

On your computer, it does the same. You can copy text, images, lines of code, etc. and attach it to your clipboard to bring to another app or program and then you can ‘paste’ the information to the new program.

Your clipboard is a type of memory storage that the computer temporarily allocates to your content.

How to copy data to your clipboard

Assuming you are on Windows- you can do it a few ways. You can highlight your text and then right click with your mouse and choose ‘copy’. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C.


How to cut data to your clipboard

You can cut out data from a document by highlighting your content and right clicking and choosing ‘cut’ or you can use the shortcut CTRL + X. 

What's the difference between 'copy' and 'cut'?

Imagine you have a document that you want to take with you. If you make a copy, the original document can stay where you found it while you go and take the copy somewhere else.

If you cut a document, you are permanently taking a piece of that document out of the original and storing the cut portion.

You would use copy when you want to keep the original intact and just copy some data to another program and you would use cut when you want to remove data from one program and move it to another.


What else can I copy and cut?

You can copy and cut just about anything you want on a computer! You can copy and cut text, images, lines of code, elements, URLS, shortcuts and documents.

How do I paste from my clipboard?

Pasting is just as easy as cutting and copying! You can right click on the area you want to paste to and choose paste, or you can use the shortcut CTRL + V.

This will paste whatever you had stored in your clipboard.

Can I copy my screen?

Copying your computer screen is a tiny bit more trickier than just copy and cutting, but definitely doable.

We call this a ‘print screen’ or ‘screenshot’.

You can ‘copy’ the image of your screen by pressing the ‘print screen’ button on your keyboard.

For more you can check out our Ultimate Guide to taking a screenshot!

print screen keyboard

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I hope this quick guide helped you learn the difference between copy and cut and what a clipboard is and how to paste data from it! Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the methods discussed in this article!

How to Make VLC Fullscreen

How to Make VLC Fullscreen

If you need to download the latest version of VLC Media Player, you can find it here.

It is strangely difficult to make VLC Media Player Fullscreen- but it’s really easy to do once you know how! Check out this quick step-by-step guide on how to maximize VLC Media Player!

Open VLC and go to the top bar and open the 'view' menu

vlc fullscreen view menu

In the view menu do the following:

  1. Click fullscreen interface
  2. Click Minimal Interface

Quick Shortcuts to Maximize VLC

VLC on Windows

Press F11 to maximize

VLC on Mac

Command + F to maximize

And that's it! Fullscreen VLC Media Player!

You can press ‘ESC’ to go back to the normal view settings when in fullscreen.


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Did this help you? it’s a quick fix to make your VLC media player fullscreen! Let me know if you have any questions.

How to Save a Webpage as a PDF

How to Save a Webpage as a PDF

Saving a webpage is extremely useful for when you want to save something that doesn’t have a built in PDF function. In this tutorial we’ll cover the most basic way to save ANY webpage as a PDF.

Using Microsoft Print to PDF

Hands down the easiest way to save ANYTHING as a PDF, especially a webpage is using the default Microsoft Print to PDF. This will appear in your printers menu when you go to print a document.

If you have Microsoft Print to PDF, then it will show up in your printer menu like below.

print dialog

Enabling and Disabling Microsoft Print to PDF

Microsoft Print to PDF is default on Windows 10 now, if you do not have it, or maybe you think it might be turned off, you can turn it back on with the below instructions.

Open Windows Features

You can open the Windows Features settings in Windows by going to the start menu and typing ‘Windows Features’, it should pop up. If it doesn’t, you can also find it in the control panel.

windows features search

Check the box next to Microsoft Print to PDF

Check the box next to Microsoft Print to PDF and then it should show up in your list of printers. If you still don’t see it then your computer does not have it. 

windows features

Using Google Chrome Print Dialog

Almost just as easy as Microsoft Print to PDF is printing to PDF using the Google Chrome print dialog. We’ve all seen this dialog before, it shows up when you try to print something using Google Chrome.

Go ahead and try printing using Google Chrome.

You will see the below window and you can select your printer from the drop down menu. The best part about the dialog is that you can choose ‘Save to PDF’. Which makes it extremely simple! Click save at the bottom and you’re done!

Google Chrome Print Dialog

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I hope this guide helped you save a page as a PDF! It is very easy to do once you know how.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns. I will be writing future articles about more print dialog tips and tricks and I will make sure to update this article!

The Ultimate Guide to Taking A Screenshot on Windows (F12 and more!)

The Ultimate Guide to Taking A Screenshot on Windows (F12 and more!)

How do you take a screenshot?

One of the most asked questions I get are related to screenshots.

“How do I take a screenshot?”
“Where do the screenshots get saved?”

Today we’ll make it simple and easy so you can get back up and running!

There are a few ways to take screenshots so let’s take a look at a few of them!

Press the 'print screen' key on your keyboard

Print screen  or sometimes labelled as PrtScn is the key that will take a screenshot of your entire screen. If you have more than one monitor it will also capture that as well.

Every keyboard lists the print screen key a little differently, so here are a few examples of those differences:

print screen keyboard

The function or 'fn' key

Note that some keyboards may make you hold a function or ‘fn’ key before you can screenshot. This is very common on laptop keyboards.

But Wait! My computer doesn't have a 'print screen' key!

That’s okay! If you keyboard has an ‘F12’ key you can also print screen with that!

Taking a screenshot with the F12 key

Some keyboards, especially more sleek or compact keyboards have removed the print screen key altogether. In this case, we can use the F12 key to take a screenshot! It functions it exactly the same.

But wait! I don't have an F12 key or a Print Screen key!

it’s true. Highly compact keyboard models may not have a set of function keys or a print screen key. But don’t worry! In that case you can look in your start menu for either the ‘snippet tool’ or the new ‘snip & sketch’ tool.

Great! Now you've got your screenshot, but huh? Where did it go?

Don’t fret! Screenshots are saved to your clipboard.

Clipboard: a location in your computer’s memory that saves whatever you recently stored (via cut or copy). You can then paste the contents of this clipboard where you would like!

You can paste your screenshot to a lot of different programs:

-Microsoft Paint
-Microsoft Word
-Microsoft Outlook
-Most email programs

But can't I just have the screenshot save automatically?

You sure can!

Hold down the windows key or the and the print screen key at the same time. It will automatically save your screenshot to the Pictures>Screenshots folder! 

Simple right?

But I don't want to take a screenshot of everything!

You don’t have to! In order to take a screenshot of a specific area, you can press the following all at the same time:


And voila! This will allow you to drag a rectangle around whatever you want to screenshot!

Okay but how do I paste my new screenshot?

When something is in your clipboard, you can paste it by pushing      and    at the same time!

That's it! You are now a screenshotting Wizard!

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